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Donations and PC Job List
(updated 5.22.14)

Set-Up Manual


-Boffer Weapons - We need swords and clubs, as well as maximum length unarmeds, constructed per the rulebook.

-Spell Packets - made per our rulebook. 50 packets gets you 25 BP.

Costuming: Please make sure that all costuming is medieval looking (there are quite a few patterns you can get for this) and well-made: LARP clothing takes a lot of abuse and we need our clothing to be durable.

-LG, XL, and XXL shirts, pants, vests, bodices, and doublets for our "big kid" NPCs. While most of the pieces can and should be more "common," we could really use a couple of dressed up costume pieces for our larger NPCs. Many times our nobles have to go in "dressed down" simply because we don't have the costuming to make them look fancy. A couple of shirts with some ruffles on the sleeves and collar or some really nice-looking doublets or bodices would be great!

-Tabards and tabard ties. We have a ton of un-hemmed tabards and tabard ties that we would like to have hemmed so that they are more durable and a lot nicer looking. If you would like to hem those or, on the other hand, just make new ones (that are hemmed, please), let me know.

-Hats and headwear. We love 'em, but we don't have a lot of them! Tri-corner, muffin, pirate, Jester's, jaunty or floppy! Circlets, veils, antennae, etc! It would be great to have a few more medieval style hats and other headwear in our collection. However, please don't try and pass off bowlers, fedoras, or cowboy hats and the like as medieval (unless you're giving them to Devastation), 'cause I won't take 'em.

-On a related note, we could use more hooded mantles! We like the plain black ones (and could use them!) but we like, and will take, other hoods as well.


-Elf ears. In pairs and in singles! Got a couple of ears lyin' around that you can't do anything with 'cause the other one is missing? Or perhaps you have a pair that you will just never wear again´┐Ż Give 'em to us! And, though we love the single ears, we could really use some new, paired up ones as well. Our favorites are the stiff latex ones that you don't have to use spirit gum to keep on (unless combat is involved).

-Horns. Either the tie-on ones or the prosthetic ones.

-We will also need some cream makeup (you the tubes). We need all of the different colors, but the ones we use the most are black, white, red, green, and purple.


-Glowsticks. We could use both the bracelet kinds and bright 6-8 stick kinds.

-Consumables such as Q-Tips, Alcholol Swabs, Baby Wipes, and Make-Up Cosmetic Wedges.

-Jar Candles. They usually come scented, but do not have to be by any means. Size doesn't really matter, but having them in jars does.

- Metal tavern mugs - no glass or pewter please!

Setting-up and Cleaning-up:

And finally, we need people to help with set-up and clean-up before and after the game. Your reward for helping us with this is many-layered; you will receive 10 Brownie Points/hour for the hours you work, you will help us start game on time and get out of the camp at a reasonable hour, and you will get to know other PCs and staff better OOG, which can result in a lot of great friendships (and a lot of fun!). If you can, try and schedule some time to help us set-up and clean-up before and after game.

Please email Angela at [email protected] if you can help at all or for more information.

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