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Magestry Player's Rulebook

Magestry 2nd Edition
Player's Rulebook
is now available for download!

You do not need to memorize all of the rules to participate, but please become very familiar with the capabilities of the character you are playing.
Magestry Player's Rulebook Standard Format

Download Here
Uploaded: 14 MAY 2017
Magestry Player's Rulebook
Lightweight Format
Download Here
Uploaded: 14 MAY 2017

A smaller file for faster viewing.
Rules Updates
Magestry 2nd Edition Professions & Prestige
A Rather Dandy Supplement for the Magestry Live-Action Role-Playing Game.
Contains new professions and new prestige classes. Who'd have guessed?

Professions and Prestige
Uploaded: 14 MAY 2017

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