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Welcome to Gwent

Kingdoms | Gods & Deities | Guilds & Societies

The world of Gwent is the first planet of PDabble creation. Here you will find most of the common creatures from fantasy literature (goblins, elves, dragons, etc.) and many more of our own devising. Its climate and geography is very similar to Earth's, so you have no excuse not to go there. The main continent of Gwent is all you will find here now, but in time, the lands beyond the vast waters will be revealed.

We, at PDabble Games, have created this world for all to share and explore. With thousands of imaginations at work there is no limit to what it can be. So, lace up your boots and sharpen your sword, and maybe we'll meet in another time on some distant road.

The Continent of Gwent

Gods and Deities of Gwent

The World of Gwent is a place different from any other, so why should its gods be the same?
Click here for a more detailed and "download friendly" description of:

Galdrin, God of Wind and Sun
Beldrinor, God of Stone
Lua, Goddess of the Night
Nortantebis, God of Curiosity
Elandria, Goddess of Forest and Song
Laros, God of Time
Aqeel, God of River and Sea
Leemadon, God of the Crossroads
Rathgar, God of Stealth and Cunning
Urgon, God of War and Conquest
Mankora, Goddess of Death and Darkness
Ekol, God of Fire and Greed
Morken, God of Pain and Famine

Guilds & Societies

Many different groups exist within the lands of Gwent. From the musical forest councils of druids, to the secret underground meetings of thieves, there is always something happening. The largest and best know groups of the land are as follows:

Brewers' Guild
Brotherhood of Galdrin
Adventurers' Guild
Sisterhood of Lua
Thieves' Guild
Order of the Dragon
Bards' Guild
Gwenton Druids
Hunters' Guild
Fellowship of Elandria
Mages' Guild

Merchants' Guild

Healers' Guild

Assassins' Guild

For much more information on these groups, click here.